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Frenetic and dark... fun. - Kirkus Reviews

A cracking good writer... a real page-turner. - Patrick Robinson

An exhilarating story line starring a dynamite heroine... Kat is fabulous... Fans will root for the heroine as she goes from one dangerous caper to another in this delightful action-packed thriller. - Harriet Klausner

A powerful fast-paced thriller. -

Probably shouldn't be read last thing at night -

Haunting... an entirely possible scenario -

The pace continues to accelerate-reaching breakneck speed... Not only an action-packed adventure that will leave you breathless on the edge of your seat, but also a thoughtful and thought-provoking cautionary tale -

A riveting thriller full of twists, turns, and nonstop action... a pulse-pounding must-read. -

Hawksley is a brilliant writer. Any reader who loves a riveting action-packed book will love Security Breach. Read it and recommend it to your friends -


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First published as The History Book

Hard-driving, a good, taut thriller - Alan Furst


Saturday, 02.10, Eastern Daylight Time

"Kat, you there? What do you see?"
She touches her earpiece. Street lights cast a skittish beam into the room that has the feel of a ghost town. A sick feeling sweeps through Kat, like cold mist spreading through her limbs from the center of her chest.

She went through a night like this before and came out with the chemical tastes of a mortuary in her mouth, and memories that clung to her like thorns.

In the silence, just past two in the morning, she stands inside the doorway of the second-floor, open-plan office and looks at each of the six desks, taking in family pictures, coffee cups, computer monitors; no drawers or filing cabinets open; no papers strewn about; no desks disturbed; nothing smashed or strewn on the floor. As far as she can see, nothing's been touched.

The only thing that stands out is the five bodies.
"Kat. Speak. What do you see?"
Kat takes a deep breath, to keep her voice steady...

Outstanding Praise for SECURITY BREACH

A complex, intelligent, skillfully turned adventure story that will keep the reader spellbound, and propel Mr. Hawksley directly into the front-rank of his craft - Simon Winchester

A solid, believable political thriller - Kansas City Star

Full of surprises... its political implications are worth pondering... Hawksley is a skilled writer - Washington Post Book World

[A] whirlwind thriller - Publishers Weekly

Exciting... Combines the elements of 1984, intrigue of the Cold War, power politics, technological and communications science fiction, and terrorism - Midwest Book Review

Will whistle past your ears like the biggest drop in the biggest roller-coaster ride... This thriller is such a good read partly because of its very smart, sophisticated international espionage plot, but even more because of its terrific heroine. - Sullivan County Democrat (NY)


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