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"A superior-minded thriller based on recent history that maps out a possible, terrifying future and makes into plausible fiction the global political realities of our time." - Kirkus

"Hawksley's nightmare scenario focuses on the repercussions of wrong decisions." - Japan Times

"A gripping thriller. the attention to detail is amazing." - Business Times

"His highly realistic appraisal of international relations makes this imaginary story of future tragedy all too credible." Taipei Times

"Hawksley builds a scenario that is every strategic analyst's worst nightmare." - India Today

"Chillingly plausible. It all makes me feel nostalgic for the simple antagonism of the Cold War." - Mail-on-Sunday


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Kat Polinksi returns





What do they know that she doesn't?


From deep inside North Korea, the United States receives an amazing offer – overthrow the dictatorship and destroy all nuclear weapons. There's one condition - a nine-year-old boy must be taken safely to America.

Kat Polinksi is tasked with the job. She flies out to a billionaire’s party in a glittering Shanghai penthouse. But what does her boss know about the mission that he hasn't told her...

Home Run - a high-octane, edge-of-the-seat thriller - marks the return of the young, vulnerable, no compromise heroine of highly-acclaimed Security Breach.


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