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Strategic insight is formidable. - Spectator

Perceptive Time

Too close for comfortInternational Herald Tribune

Finely judged and ingeniousFinancial Times

Realistic and grippingChris Patten, last Governor of Hong Kong

The premise that a resurgent China – soon to become the largest economy on earth – will clash with that other great Pacific Power, America – Telegraph


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Jennifer Fox, a young trauma surgeon, is kidnapped while treating victims of a mosque bombing in Iraq. Her best friend is Kat Polinski. When Kat learns of the kidnap, she breaks rules to find out why Jennifer has been taken. Then she discovers the choices she has to make to try to win her freedom.

Moving rapidly between Baghdad and Washington, D.C. Friends & Enemies draws Kat into a deadly game in which the kidnappers are always a step ahead and friends become enemies...and vice-versa.  

Kat Polinski is the young, vulnerable, no compromise heroine of highly-acclaimed Security Breach.


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